What is WRIXO?

WRIXO, a wristband that combines mobile NFC and cloud technology to deliver critical health information to first responders and medical personnel. By just tapping their NFC-enabled mobile device or by scanning a patient's unique QR code, first responders and emergency medical personnel can access vital health information including your medical history, doctors’ notes, medical documents, medication, and more. No mobile app is required.

What devices work with WRIXO?

WRIXO is compatible with any Android OS or Apple iOS mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. Internet connectivity is required when accessing the WRIXO cloud. For Android devices, NFC must be enabled for wireless access. For non-NFC enabled devices such as Apple devices, press and hold Google Chrome icon to open “Scan QR Code” and scan the unique QR code on WRIXO. You may also use your favorite QR code scanner App. For all other devices, open your web browser and enter, then click on “Patient or EMT” and enter the unique WRIXO code.

Do I need to install any software or an App on my device?

WRIXO does not require any special App or software to operate. You are required to have Internet connectivity before accessing WRIXO. You can also use your own QR code scanner to scan the WRIXO QR code.

Is my personal data secured with WRIXO?

WRIXO is HIPAA compliant. Personal data stored in the cloud server is secure and protected. Medical staff can securely request and receive data through a secure Internet connection.

How are paramedics authenticated?

When WRIXO is tapped or scanned to a mobile device, paramedics or medical personnel are required to enter their mobile phone number. They will receive a temporary PIN number, which they can then enter into the WRIXO interface and access personal data. WRIXO records the mobile phone number of any medical personnel that requests your information.

Can my doctor update my medical records?

When you log into your account, you can add your doctor as your medical contact and invite him or her to enter your medical information. You can also record doctor’s notes and upload medical documents at any time.

Does the WRIXO Tag work just like the wristband?

WRIXO Tag can be attached to a key chain or used as dog tag. The WRIXO Tag works just like the wristband.

Is WRIXO waterproof?

WRIXO is waterproof. You can take shower or swim with WRIXO. The wireless chip is embedded in the WRIXO wristband and protected with UV coating to prevent any damage.

Do I need to charge WRIXO or replace battery?

WRIXO does not need any power or battery to operate.

What happens if I lose my WRIXO?

If you lose your WRIXO, you can purchase a new WRIXO wristband or TAG. We will transfer your data to new WRIXO account automatically.

Is Standard edition free?

The Standard edition is included with your purchase of the WRIXO wristband at no cost. WRIXO standard edition includes the following features:

  • Contacts
  • Personal information
    • Emergency contacts
    • Doctor contacts
    • Employer
    • Insurance
  • Medical condition
    • blood type
    • Allergies
    • Special condition
  • DNR
  • Doctor
    • Diagnosis
    • doctor notes
    • Medication
  • 2GB of cloud storage

What is included in the Premium edition?

In addition to Standard edition, Premium edition includes:

  • Doctor visits
    • Doctor visit notes by date
    • Personal notes
  • Medical documents
    • Medical reports
    • Medical images
  • Prescription
    • New and historical prescription image
    • Prescription online delivery
  • Pharmacies
  • 5GB of cloud storage

What is the storage capacity of WRIXO?

Each WRIXO account comes with standard 2GB of cloud storage. Additional storage can be added by upgrading to Premium edition, which offers 5GB of cloud storage.

How do I contact WRIXO support?

You can contact WRIXO customer service toll free at 855-688-8999.

What is the warranty or return policy?

WRIXO comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like your WRIXO wristband, you may return it and receive a full refund for your purchase. WRIXO comes with one year limited warranty. All of your data will remain in the WRIXO cloud.